Types of Ceremonies

Sand Ceremony

Bride and Groom each have an individual container of sand which will be conbined into a single vessel to symbolize their union and their willingness to combine their two lives into one.

Unity Candle

The light of the candle symbolizes how the light of the presence of Christ in their lifes may be seen as a light in the darkness. Both Bride and Groom have a candle, and they will take the two flames and blend them into one center candle to symbolize on faith, one hope and one love.

Jumping of the Broom

In times of slavery, this ritual symbolized that Bride and Groom were jumping over the broom and into the bonds of domesticity seeking that way the legitimacy of the marriage.

Breaking of the Glass

At the end of the ceremony the Groom breaks the glass to symbolize that the world is full of less fortunate people.

Ceremonia de Arras

Las arras simbolizan los bienes que la Novia y el Novio van a compartir.

Ceremonia Lazo

La Novia y el Novio son unidos con un lazo que simboliza la union como familia de Dios.



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